that Develops
Immune Products
For Daily Life.
By Improvement of Th1 immune system by
activating phagocytosis and degradation.

immune booster

STR's immune ingredients are currently the most potent products on the market.

Th1 adjuvant

STR's products improve immunity by inducing phagocytosis of immune cells and gently induce Th1 immunity.


It has been used safely in the market for a long time, and its safety has been confirmed. In addition, safety was confirmed through various experimental models.

Reasonable Cost

Although it has very high immune activity, it is more competitive in price than competitive products.


STR Biotech is developing strong Immune booster ingredients for food and pharmaceuticals.
In particular, we are making products that everyone needs in the upcoming super-aged society.
In particular, we are developing products that can prevent diseases by increasing living immunity, and the excellent immune materials
developed by us are already sold on the market and are receiving good responses.
STR’s immune booster ingredients have very unique characteristics, especially activating phagocytosis and rarely causing other side
effects. Since most of the diseases you worry about are related to weakening of immunity, products that improve
immunity will improve the quality of your life and make what you expect in life a reality.
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health care
Th1 immunity increasing material development Functional ingredient
for functional food, drug and cosmetics animal Feed additives, animal medicine ingredients


STR Biotech is a bio-venture company with novel immune modulating
materials and bioengineering products
that have numerous applications for treating disease and promoting health